What Specific Categories of Damages are Available for Auto Accident in Louisiana

Learn what specific categories of damages are available for an auto accident in Louisiana from experienced Lafayette personal injury attorney, Bennett Boyd Anderson, Jr., of Anderson Dozier, Blanda and Saltzman


Boyd: Hi, I'm Boyd Anderson, a personal injury attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana. We're often asked what specific categories of damages are available in an auto accident or 18-wheeler accident? Under Louisiana law, you're entitled to recover multiple areas of damage, past medical expenses, future reasonable medical expenses, past lost wages which require documentation, future lost wages including impairment of earning capacity if you can't go back to your old job.

In addition to these special damages, you're also entitled to broad categories of general damages, pain and suffering, past, present, and future, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life. Finally, permanent disability under Louisiana law is a separate category for damages. If you're injured through an auto accident, 18-wheeler accident, or offshore accident in Acadiana, contact Anderson, Dozier, Blanda & Saltzman. We have been representing injured plaintiffs for combined over 90 years and would be happy to help you.