Should I Give a Transcribed Statement to an Insurance Adjuster

Learn if and how you should give a transcribed statement to an insurance adjuster from experienced Lafayette personal injury attorney, Bennett Boyd Anderson, Jr., of Anderson, Dozier, Blanda & Saltzman.


"Boyd Anderson: Hi, I'm Boyd Anderson, a personal injury attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana. Our prospective clients often ask, ""Should I give a transcribed statement to an insurance adjuster?"" Generally, it's unwise to give a transcribed tape-recorded statement to an insurance adjuster immediately after the accident. Remember this, insurance companies generally are not your friends. They hire claims representatives to protect their interest, not your interest. To properly represent yourself is often not the correct decision.

I suggest you hire an experienced personal injury attorney and get specific advice as to what, if anything, to tell the insurance adjusters yourself. Please contact my firm in Lafayette, Louisiana, Anderson, Dozier, Blanda & Saltzman if you have any personal injury claim questions. "