Punitive Damages

punitive damages from drunk driving

Louisiana law provides that an individual who is injured as a result of the fault of an intoxicated driver is entitled to recover punitive damages as well as compensatory damages. In cases where driver intoxication is a factor in causing the injuries, the victim is entitled to recover punitive damages against the responsible party. This allowance was established to punish the person at fault and to discourage such conduct in the future to save others from similar injury. 

Although the consumption of alcohol is the most common form of intoxication (drunk driving), Louisiana law also imposes punitive damages on those who are impaired as a result of the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of prescription drugs

Punitive Damages

In the cases we handle at Anderson, Dozier, Blanda & Saltzman, our attorneys often retain an expert (usually a toxicologist) to assess the positive test results of the impaired driver and to obtain the expert's opinion regarding the effect of the intoxicating substance on the driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely. We know how to calculate punitive damages from our experience from handling similar cases. We also know how to obtain the best results for our clients. 

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