Jones Act

The Jones Act is a special law to protect you if you are injured while employed on a vessel. Our legal team uses the Jones Act to recover damages from the owner of the vessel and from your employer.

Under the Jones Act, the vessel owner is responsible for maintaining a seaworthy vessel. Injury claims are often based on the unseaworthiness of the vessel. This theory of recovery is of substantial benefit to you as the vessel owner has a non-delegable duty to provide you with a safe place to work. The cases we handle frequently involve the negligence of the crew aboard the vessel or a defect in the vessel (or its equipment).

Eligibility for recovery under the Jones Act is for "any seaman." According to applicable case law, you are a seaman if you are employed on a vessel in navigation and contribute to the function of the vessel or its mission. You also must be assigned to a vessel or a fleet of vessels. Our legal team will discuss your employment and work duties and assignments with you to determine if you are eligible for "seaman status" under the Jones Act. If so, we will work to win recovery maintenance and cure benefits. This means you will receive a daily payment to cover your expenses and be provided with medical treatment at the vessel owner's expense.

If you are severely injured while working in the Gulf of Mexico and/or on the waterways of Louisiana aboard vessels of every kind, we can help you.